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10 Tips to Better Health

1. Give yourself time to rest.
2. Never think you are too busy to look after yourself, as there is always time, you just need to prioritise your health.
3. Be positive in everything you do, as it is a fact that negative energy will make you tired.
4. Think how good you will feel after your workout.......you may try to sabotage it but just know you will feel much better afterwards.
5. Appreciate your health as there is no better posession.
6. If you want to lose weight remember no one is stopping you, other than yourself.
7. Don't let the TV clog up your life as it serves no purpose to your health.
8. Tell your self that your training session is an appointment you can't miss.
9. Remember that you can use or lose your health, it's up to you.
10.Look forward to feeling good, looking good and improving your outlook on life.