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Get your Weight loss sorted once and for all

This was me when i was 4 stone overweight. It felt pretty miserable and unhealthy, couldn't move so well, my joints hurt, my breathing was heavy for little exertion and I was generally unhappy.
My GP told me to lose weight but I did not want to accept it, so carried on as I was! Then I thought, actually, he must be right he wouldn't say it for the sake of it. This was the moment when everything changed.
It was such an exciting journey, I would just weigh myself once a week. It was great when friends started to notice, giving me really positive feedback. There was a few setbacks on the way but I got there in the end.
Now I am here to help you, this is why I do this for a living because I know so many feel like I did. It is great to share my experience and qualification with you and so many people have achieved so much from this........
In the 5 years + of doing this there has been a total of at least 5500lbs lost and all these people received a £20 voucher for achieving their goal.

What you waiting for I am here to help you............. and I have been there myself!!

Make that life changing decision and have the gift of better health.