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Train Anytime Gyms versus Group Training Gyms

1. You never know how busy a train anytime gym will be, after you have rushed around to get there at a 'time to suit you' to find every piece of kit is occupied. In a Group Training gym, you can guarantee it will never be overcrowded and there is actually someone there to help and support you during your appointed session. You are not just a number in this type of gym, someone actually cares about you and you will get to know everyone else in the session too.
2. Most train anytime gyms have no floorspace as it is full of kit, which feels overwhelming and intimidating. In a Group Training gym you will have lots of space and attention during your appointed session time.
3. You soon lose interest and motivation at a train anytime gym as know one knows or cares whether you are there or not. In a Group Training gym you will stick at it longer because you will have lots of personal attention as these sessions are very much like Personal Training and at a fraction of the price.
5. Because train anytime gyms are open for long hours and you can go when you want.......you don't go and the gym isn't bothered because you have already paid! You say 'I will go in a minute,' then the phone goes or you get a suprise visitor then you don't go, then you say 'I will go tomorrow instead,' the days, weeks and months go by and you have hardly been. Group Training Gyms work well because you have an appointment to work to and if you can't attend you will let me know..........if you don't I will be texting you to see if you are okay! If you miss too many sessions I will tell you to cancel your payments as there is no tie in like there is for Train anytime gyms!

Give it a go you will definitely enjoy it more and stick at it more!!

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